Footage captures moment plane crashes on Florida road

A plane was forced to make a crash-landing on a main road in Florida.

A sheriff's deputy's dashcam caught the moment the plane was flying low over the road just before it landed.

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According to, the Pinella County Sheriff's Office said that the pilot, 61-year-old Marc Allen Benedict, had taken the single-engined Rockwell Commander 112 from Clearwater Airpark around 9am local time on Sunday with a friend.

The pair flew to the nearby Zephyrhills Municipal Airport, where they refuelled and began their journey back to Clearwater.

Footage captures moment plane crashes on Florida road
Footage captures moment plane crashes on Florida road

The pilot then reported he believed there was engine trouble while he was over the road.

He told investigators that he'd believed he couldn't make it back to Clearwater Airpark and looked for somewhere he could land.

However, when landing the left wing clipped a tree, which caused the plane to spin and crash.

The sheriff's office shared the video on Facebook and wrote that the deputies were in the area on another call when they "were caught by surprise when a single engine plane crashed in front of them on Keene Road, just south of Sunset Point Road."

It added: "Deputies rushed to the crash scene to assist the pilot and his passenger.

"Paramedics from Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department responded to the scene. Luckily, the pilot and his passenger walked away from the crash uninjured. No citizens were injured as a result of the crash."