Plane crashes into car after emergency landing on highway (video)

Small plane lands on road after engine failure

Plane hits car after emergency landing on highway (video)

A plane crashed into a car when it made an emergency landing on a highway in Minnesota.

The single-engine 1979 Mooney Aircraft M20K took off from the Hawley Minnesota airport at midday on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Duluth News Tribune, a Minnesota State Patrol officer said: "At about 1,000 feet, the engine quit and the pilot had to turn and find an emergency landing spot."

The pilot and a passenger saw a clear spot on US Highway 10, and successfully landed the plane.

But, the patrol spokesman added: "A Ford Fusion was eastbound on Highway 10 in front of the plane.

"After the plane landed, it caught up to the Fusion. The driver noticed a plane behind her in her mirror as it was catching up to the car. The plane prop struck the rear of the driver's side before she could drive into the ditch."

According to the Sun Herald, the car ended up in the ditch, but the female driver was not injured.

The Miami Herald reports that the car, however, which belongs to the Clay County Health Department, sustained significant damage after being hit by the airplane propeller.

Pilot David Gowan, from North Dakota, said the damage to his aircraft was "minimal."

The Federal Avation Administration and the Minnesota Highway Patrol are investigating the incident.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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