Frank Bruno sells up after run-ins with traveller neighbours

Clashes over hedge and water supply


Mayflower Farm

Boxing legend Frank Bruno is reportedly selling his £1 million home after a series of clashes with travellers at a site next door.

The 55-year-old former heavyweight champion moved into the five-bedroom property near Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, in 2006, but has had a number of run-ins with his neighbours since.

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In one incident, according to a neighbour, Bruno returned from a trip to the States to discover that the travellers at the Toddbury Farm caravan site next door had tapped into his water supply, leaving him with a massive bill.

"The travellers must have been using his water for the entire site. I'm told he went up there to try and sort matters out with them, but I don't think he got anywhere with them," the neighbour tells the Mail.

"I think Frank was polite and respectful and just wanted to find out who was going to pay for the damage, but it was obvious they weren't taking it seriously."

The boxer has also clashed with his neighbours over damage to bushes around his home. In a video posted on YouTube, he is seen approaching the travellers about an occasion when a caravan ploughed into the hedge.

"To put the whole bush back again I think it will need more than you can offer," he says.

"I'm not disrespecting you. I'm not trying to talk down to you. I'm talking to you like a man - but I would like it how it was before."

Mayflower Farm borders two travellers' sites - Toddbury Farm and Green Acres Caravan Park - which have caused concern to the local council too.

Central Bedfordshire Council reported earlier this year that there were almost twice as many pitches as there were supposed to be and that some travellers had tapped into both the water and electricity supplies of their neighbours.

The house is now up for sale, with agents Brown and Merry looking for offers over £1 million. The five-bedroom property, with three reception rooms and an office, is described as 'an individual and substantial detached family home'.

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