Cambridge landowner invites travellers to live on her property

She hopes they will 'ruin the village'


Landowner invites travellers to live on her land

A landowner in the Cambridgeshire countryside wants travellers to move onto her property.

Linda Watson, 48, who lives in picturesque Kirtling, says she would be the "happiest woman going" if travellers took up her offer of a two-and-a-half acre plot. Free of charge.

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Linda's only condition is that any new occupants "ruin the village" – as her neighbours, she says, are "so far up their own a***".

The horse rehabilitation professional, who's lived in a caravan in Kirtling, near Newmarket, for seven years, told the Cambridge News : "We have a fantastic plot of land. Two and a half acres. It's got electric, water, scenery - it's a gorgeous place.

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Linda wouldn't mind seeing the village 'ruined'

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"I would be the happiest woman going if I could get travellers on my land. In an ideal scenario, I'd love them to buy it - but I'm going to walk away.

"My only stipulation is that they ruin the village. Everyone in Kirtling is so far up their own a***."

Linda has put in several planning applications on her land in the hope of improving her business, and her way of life. She says her aim was to build a small home there for her and her partner.

However, East Cambridgeshire District Council did not think her business plan viable, and rejected her proposals.

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Travellers are welcome on Linda's property

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Linda has been in the horse racing industry for most of her life and has owned the land for 17 years. Now, Linda feels out of options, and is weighing up the possibility of moving.

"It's a very well to do village," Linda adds. "Most council houses have been purchased and done up. The district council have spent thousands on parts of the area.

"But with travellers next door to them, how much will it be worth then?

"The council [East Cambridgeshire District Council] called me earlier to say that I can't do it. But I will do it. At the end of the day, travellers have had nowhere to stay, I'm providing a solution.

"As for the villagers, what have they done for us? They've always gossiped - not one person in Kirtling has put in a letter to help our planning application.

"We won't be in this country by the end of October - so I tell you this, travellers will be living here in September."

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A nice bit of countryside

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Unsurprisingly, Linda's comments have not been well received by some locals.

Paul Bradley wrote on the Cambridge News Facebook page : "Sounds like sour grapes toward the council and residents for her not being able to build a house, nothing to do with helping travellers – that's just a type of payback or revenge. Sad."

Another commented: "Perhaps if she did a proper business plan and planning application instead of on the back of a cigarette packet, she might get permission and change her mind."

And Kate Green said: "Miserable old bag.... you're business plan was rejected so have a strop. I'm glad I don't have you as a neighbour".

But Linda isn't without her supporters, too. Gary Britton chimedin: "I like her style tbh," while another said: "Ha ha ha, stick it to those village nimbys. I would rather have travellers living around than some of the commenters".

East Cambridgeshire District Council has been contacted for a comment.

Neighbours from hell

Neighbours from hell

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