Mum suing Thomas Cook for Majorca holiday "leaves daughter with Lyme Disease"

Gemma Moran says Clio was bitten by ticks in their "disgusting" apartment


A woman is suing Thomas Cook after claiming her £4,000 family holiday to Majorca left her eight-year-old daughter with Lyme Disease.

Gemma Moran, from Hambleton, North Yorkshire, who was travelling with her family of six, believes her daughter Clio was bitten by ticks in their "disgusting" accommodation at Playa Ferrera Apartments.

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The 31-year-old told the Daily Mail: "This holiday was suppose to be a respite break for the family - but it turned out to be a holiday from hell.

"Clio was really poorly while we were there - she had a high temperature, felt really sick, had flu-like symptoms and she wasn't sleeping either."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Ms Moran added that when Clio was treated for the tick bites and an ear infection in Spain, the doctor said it from the hotel pool.

The local doctor confirmed that Clio had Lyme Disease, which was later confirmed by British doctors when the family arrived home.

Clio is still taking antiobiotics.

After receiving a £500 voucher from Thomas Cook, Gemma says she plans to sue the company after spending £3,800 on the holiday.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson said: "We are always concerned to hear reports of illness, especially when they involve a child.

"While it's not clear that it came from the hotel and we haven't had any similar cases reported as you would expect with an illness of this sort, we have offered Ms Moran a goodwill gesture which she has accepted."

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