Cute hedgehog stumped by Rubik's cube

Cute hedgehog stumped by Rubik's cube
Cute hedgehog stumped by Rubik's cube

This adorable hedgehog can't figure out how to solve the Rubik's cube that's laying on her stomach.

Despite continuing to examine the Rubik's cube, this little hedgehog doesn't have a clue how to solve it and was left completely stumped.

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Giovanna Chavez Wolley captured this image in her home in Mexico.

Giovanna, 18, said: "This is Chappi, and she is a two-and-a-half year old hedgehog who I've had since she was one."

Meanwhile, experts have warned that Britain's hedgehog population is decreasing so rapidly that they are being driven towards extinction.

A wildlife study confirmed that hedgehogs are being spotted less in our gardens.

The species is one of those in decline, with numbers thought to have dropped by 30 per cent since 2003 to less than a million in the UK - down from estimated populations of 36 million in the 1950s.

Henry Johnson, hedgehog officer for the People's Trust for Endangered Species, urged people to take steps in their garden to help hedgehogs find food and shelter.

He said: "For more people to see hedgehogs in the future, we need more holes in fences, joining up gardens, and more insect-friendly gardening."