Thieving hedgehog targets wallet (video)

But he's more interested in eating the money...

Thieving hedgehog targets wallet (video)
Thieving Hedgehog Targets Wallet

It's usually magpies you need to guard your belongings around, but one adorable hedgehog proves they can be a little light-fingered too.

One woman has shared a clip of the hedgehog rifling through her bag, having a good nose around.

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A wad of money is then seen falling out, and the animal, who definitely isn't camera-shy, appears to be more interested in eating it than anything else.

Maybe it's dipped in milk...

In other animal burglary news, a badger with bravado has been caught on camera raiding a West Sussex home's fridge - after sneaking in through the cat flap.

The badger was filmed by homeowner Geoff Tayor eating eggs and Bakewell tart from his fridge.

It was the second night in a row the badger had let himself in and happily tucked into the fridge fare.

Meanwhile, in mid-June, a British tourist had her camera stolen by a cheeky monkey, who then took a selfie with it.

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