Japan has 1,000 fake paintings in its gallery of replicas

Weird museum offers visitors the chance to see masterpieces from all over the world under one roof

Tourists visiting Otsuka Museum of Art in Tokushima, Japan, can browse hundreds of masterpieces, including Van Gough's Sunflowers and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, all under one roof. The catch? They're all replicas in a collection of fake paintings from around the world.

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What's more, visitors can actually get inside the paintings by donning traditional costumes to imitate the characters featured in the famous paintings.

The museum boasts over 1,000 replicas made out of a ceramic material that museum curators boast will last more than 2,000 years.

This unusual tourist attraction is just one of the places where travellers can enjoy the weird world of replicas. Explore more destinations below, from Thames Town in China to America's take on Stonehenge.

The weird world of tourist attraction replicas

The weird world of tourist attraction replicas