Fly-tipper jumps on driver's bonnet after seeing dashcam

Woman came across men dumping a fridge


Fly-tipper jumps on driver's bonnet after seeing dashcam

The terrifying moment a fly-tipper jumped on a driver's bonnet when he spotted her dashcam has been shared online.

A woman uploaded the video to YouTube saying the incident happened a year ago but she'd been too scared to upload it until now.

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The woman comes across a group of travellers dumping a fridge on a country lane and tells them it's an illegal practice.

One of them notices the dashcam and starts walking towards the car. Before long he's running towards it and then jumps right on the bonnet.

At this point, the female driver starts reversing, and manages to shake the man off the car.

She continues to reverse at speed before the film finishes.

Some people commented on how impressed they were with her driving skills under pressure. One said: "This is very disturbing. They went from minor offence into a big one within seconds. I'm a grown man and I would be terrified. You did great. Nice reverse driving! :)"

Another said: "Kudos to you for challenging them in the first place, fly tipping is the worst, I hope it didn't shake you up too much and I hope the police got what they needed, nice driving as well by the way."

According to the Metro, fly-tipping can lead to fines of up to £50,000 or 12 months in prison at Magistrates' Court.

At Crown Court you could receive an unlimited fine or up to five years in prison.

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