Watch: Driver gets revenge on litter lout


A litter lout got dealt instant karma after throwing his rubbish out of a car window - after a passing motorist threw it straight back at him.

The motorist also knocks the litterbug's cap off his head and onto the road, presumably to further teach him a further lesson about his uncivilised behaviour.

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The footage was filmed on the dash cam of a car that was not involved in the incident, in Melton Road, Leicester.

It shows rubbish being flung out of the driver's side window of a Seat Ibiza, reports the Leicester Mercury.

Credits: Leicester Mercury

Leicester Mercury

A man then stops his car next to the Seat, gets out, confronts the offender, picks up the rubbish and throws it back through the window, before knocking his hat off.

The litterer gets out of the car to pick up his hat, and the video then ends.

However, the man who captured the dash cam footage said the litter was then thrown out of the Seat again.

The man, who does not want to be named, said: "The incident was completely out of the blue and a heated exchange took place between the people involved.

"Nothing more came of it, apart from the piece of litter being thrown back on to the road again."

Credits: Leicester Mercury

Leicester Mercury

He said he was glad to see the person who littered being challenged.

"I think it was the correct thing to do," he said.

The fine for littering is £80.

The man who captured the footage has sent it to Leicester City Council. The authority said the litterer could now be traced and fined.

It costs Highways England £6 million every year to remove the 200,000 sacks of litter from motorways and a small number of A roads across the country.

The country's local authorities, which look after the rest of the road network, spend nearly £700 million a year on street cleansing. Clearing litter dropped from vehicles is a large part of the cost.

Credits: Leicester Mercury

Leicester Mercury

Lizzie Kenyon, of anti-litter organisation Keep Britain Tidy, said: "Roadside litter is an issue that affects highways and rural roads across the country. Cigarettes, fast food packaging and drinks bottles are regularly discarded.

"Roadside litter represents a huge cost to the taxpayer, a threat to wildlife and a danger to drivers."

A city council spokeswoman said: "Our city wardens and civil enforcement officers are able to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for littering from vehicles. The fine is £80.

"Last year, we issued 80 fines for littering from vehicles.

"We can use video footage to issue FPNs where a registration plate is clearly visible, but the person who has taken the footage needs to send it to us and be prepared to make a statement."

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