Elderly man tips teen off sunbed after it was "reserved"

Sunbed war in Portugal sees girl thrown from sun lounger by the pool


Warning: Video contains strong language

The moment a tourist was thrown off of a sunbed during a row with two pensioners at a pool in Albufeira was captured by the teenage girl's friend.

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Eilidh Robertson, 19, was tipped out of the sun lounger after daring to use it after it was "reserved" with a towel at the Portuguese resort.

Her friend Jenna Deacon's clip begins with the woman telling the girls, from Angus, that the sunbed belongs to her.

Eilidh responds that the chair was "sitting there all morning".

The woman then calls over a man believed to be her husband and says: "She's taken my bed Paul".

As the girls giggle and the dispute continues, the man then tips Eilidh off the chair and drags it away.

Jenna told the Dundee Born and Read Evening Telegraph: "If she just asked us for the beds back we would have given them back to her. It was the fact she came round ready for a fight.

"The reason she was getting so wound up was why we kept going."

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