Creepiest plants in the world

Would you go near them?


Halloween's right around the corner, and witches aren't the only thing to be afraid of.

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Here are five of the creepiest plants on earth.

1. Clathrus archeri
This fungus grows from an egg and sprouts long tentacle-like arms as it matures. It also emits the scent of rotting flesh to attract insects.

2. Hydnora africana
The fleshy flower gets its nutrients from dissolving and feeding off the roots of a host plant. It also emits an odour of poo to attract beetles for pollination.

3. Cordyceps
The fungus infects the body and mind of an insect driving it to try and infect the rest of the colony before devouring it from the inside and sprouting through the insects body.

4. Hydnellum peckii
This fungus is actually the kindest on the list, despite its appearances. It's not edible but it's also not toxic and can help it host plant by providing it with minerals and amino acids from the soil.

5. Water caltrop
These nightmarish pods come from an aquatic plant and are a type of water chesnut which are frequently used in Chinese and Indian cuisine.

World's creepiest places

World's creepiest places