This is one of the world's most haunted forests

There are a number of places with stellar reputations for housing the unsettled spirits of the long departed, but those in search of a haunted place with a real wow-factor may want to consider a visit to England's Epping Forest.

Found in Essex, the grounds are reported to brimming with centuries worth of disembodied, some evil and other simply unfortunate.

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Among the most infamous of Epping's residents is Dick Turpin, and 18th Century highwayman, who along with his gang of malevolent men, left a trail of robbery and rape wherever he travelled.

Legend has it that Boudica, the beloved first century Celtic queen with a fondness for slaughtering her enemies en masse also roams amidst the trees.

While it may take you a while to seek out some of the ghosts, there is one who will seek you out if you're patient.

If while heading to the top of Hangman's Hill you stop and put your car in neutral it will slowly be pulled upwards by unseen forces.

Do you dare to visit and find out for yourself?