Virgin air hostess 'fired' after saying Rita Ora is "flawless"

Flight attendant Charlotte Whittingham was forced to quit after describing the celebrity passenger to her partner

Charlotte Whittingham

A Virgin Atlantic flight attendant claims she was forced to quit her job after praising singer Rita Ora in a Facebook post to her girlfriend.

Charlotte Whittingham, from Reading, says she served Ora on a flight from London to Los Angeles and described the singer as an "oil painting" to her partner Stacey McClean.

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The 25-year-old said Rita was "flawless" and "gorgeous" in the post, The Sun reports.

Two weeks later, bosses at Virgin contacted her and urged her to resign or face disciplinary action for a data protection breach.

Opting to quit, Charlotte said she is "absolutely devastated — being part of the team at Virgin was my dream job".

The Sun reports that she told a friend: "I've always been so conscious of not affecting the Virgin brand.

"But when my girlfriend made a status saying how lucky I was to fly with Rita, I simply re­plied about how beautiful she was. Virgin wasn't mentioned.

"I just wrote that she 'looked like an oil painting, she was so beautiful' because she was so flawless."

The air hostess added that she is a fan of the singer but "stayed totally professional".

A Virgin Atlantic spokesman told MailOnline: "We respect both employee privacy and our customer's privacy and therefore cannot comment on any specific situations.

"In general, we expect high standards of behaviour from all of our employees and ensure customer privacy is maintained across the Virgin Atlantic experience."

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