Bus stop infested with venomous spiders is 'most dangerous in UK'

The rural bus stop near Bristol Airport has become a home for false widow spiders


A woman says her local bus stop has become one of the most dangerous in Britain after being infested with venomous false widow spiders.

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Disabled Helen Day, 39, says she has seen at least five of them and fears more will arrive as they breed at the bus stop near Bristol Airport.

The 50p-sized spiders - a cousin to the black widow - are identifiable by the distinct markings on their abdomen.

Located at the junction of West Lane and Upper Town Lane in Felton, the bus stop now has its metal frame wrapped in spider webs and nests.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Helen said: "If anybody goes into the shelter it only takes one to jump onto a rucksack. In the heat they're only going to get worse. They breed like wildfire.

"I'm petrified of spiders. I'm on crutches so I can't stand for long or sit for long. I'm happy to pay for it if North Somerset (Council) don't do anything. I've already spoken to a pest controller."

The bus stop was previously run by FirstGroup but is now controlled by North Somerset Council.

According to The London Economic, an inspection was carried out by the council on Tuesday.

Last year, footballer James Gray spoke of being rushed to A&E after a false widow spider bit him on the arm as he slept in his Manchester apartment.

The Wrexham striker went to hospital a week after the bite. He was immediately put on a drip and had surgery to remove the spider's venom.

Speaking to The Sun, he said that he was sweating badly and felt like he had a fever a week after the bite: "I couldn't sleep and just felt horrible. My veins pop out at the best of times but they were really standing out and they looked red.

"The infection was going right up my arm."

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