Footballer bitten by false widow as he slept (pictures)

James Gray was rushed to A&E after bite from Britain's most venomous spider


Footballer James Gray has spoken of being rushed to A&E after a false widow spider bit him on the arm as he slept in his Manchester apartment.

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The Wrexham striker went to hospital a week after the bite. He was immediately put on a drip and had surgery to remove the spider's venom.

Speaking to The Sun, he said that he was sweating badly and felt like he had a fever a week after the bite: "I couldn't sleep and just felt horrible. My veins pop out at the best of times but they were really standing out and they looked red.

"The infection was going right up my arm."

After being rushed to hospital, he said: "They had to slice the infection out of my arm and it went quite deep.

"It started to puss out before I went for surgery and you can imagine how that looked and felt."

According to the Daily Star, the 23-year-old has been unable to train while the wound heals.

Gray, who said he "can't believe I was bitten by a false widow spider," is thinking of getting a Spiderman tattoo to remember it when his arm fully heals.

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