Woman wins lottery twice in one day

Rosie Vare

Imagine winning the lottery twice in the same day.

Well for one woman, this isn't just a dream, it's reality.

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Last week Kimberly Morris walked into the headquarters of the North Carolina education lottery to claim the $10,000 she won off a scratch card.

She said: "I was shocked. It felt really great to win, but I really have always dreamed I could win $1 million."

One her way home Morris stopped by a shop and bought another ticket.

She scratched and ended up winning $1 million.

John, her husband, said: "She was freaking out on the phone. I couldn't understand her, so I told her to slow down.

"When I realised what she was saying, I didn't believe her at first.

"I had to come home and see it for myself!"

Kimberly plans to share some of the money with her kids and invest the rest.

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