Lotto winner tried to leave partner without revealing £3m winnings

Maurice Thibeault openly denied having the jackpot ticket


Lotto winner's wife missed clue he was leaving her

Most of us have idly fantasised about winning the lottery from time to time.

We've daydreamed about the things we would buy, the holidays we'd go on, and, perhaps the loved ones we'd help out too.

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Yet money - sudden windfalls in particular - can also cause as much harm and discord as they can create opportunities.

For Denise Robertson, a huge Lotto win spelt the end of her relationship to partner Maurice Thibeault .

"Together we dreamed about winning the lotto," Denise from Chatham, Ontario said in a sworn affidavit obtained by CBC .

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Denise wants half

"We both love muscle cars, we would each buy one and buy a large property in the country and build a large shop to work on our cars."

However, just four days after Maurice had secretly won $6 million (the equivalent of £3.6 million) he had quietly packed his bags, taken his passport and left the home he had shared with Denise during their two and a half year relationship.

There had been one sign that all was not well.

"When I look back, I recall that he did approximately 15 loads of laundry of all his clothes the night if he was preparing to pack up and leave," Denise wrote in the affidavit.

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A $12 million jackpot had been split between two winners

Maurice had openly denied having the winning lottery ticket after Denise texted him, urging him to check his numbers.

Now, in a case which has Canada gripped, Denise has filed a court injunction to stop Maurice from claiming the winnings, half of which she believes rightfully belong to her.

"I am greatly saddened and disappointed by what has happened here," Ms Robertson said in a statement from her legal firm, Colautti Landry Pickard.

"This could have been a very happy and exciting time for us, a couple, to do things we could only dream of doing."

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