Highest earning dead celebrities 2017

The King of Pop tops the list once again...


We all know there are plenty of celebrities who earn a mint during their lifetime, but what happens when they die?

Well, it seems not much changes as many of them continue to make millions from beyond the grave in 2017.

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So, who made the most of them all in 2017?

Find out here as we take a look at Forbes' popular listing, counting down from one iconic star of the screen at number 12.

Highest earning dead celebrities

12. Elizabeth Taylor (£6 million)

Died: March 2011, aged 79
Cause: Heart Failure

Liz's enduring Hollywood glamour has found a profitable home on the QVC shopping channel.

Highest earning dead celebrities

11. David Bowie (£7.1 million)

Died: January 2016, aged 69
Cause: Cancer

It should be no surprise that Bowie's music continued to rake in millions of sales and critical acclaim following his death.

Science - Albert Einstein

10. Albert Einstein (£7.5 million)

Died: April 1955, aged 76
Cause: Natural causes

The iconic physicist's name and likeness has appeared on posters, tablets and even an artificial intelligence service.

Highest earning dead celebrities

9. John Lennon (£9 million)

Died: December 1980, aged 40
Cause: Murder

Already minted from solo hits and the Fab Four's back catalogue, Lennon also profited from Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show 'Love'.

Highest earning dead celebrities

8. Dr. Seuss (£12 million)

Died: September 1991, aged 87
Cause: Natural causes

'The Cat In The Hat' author Theodor Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, sold 5 million books between October 2016 to October 2017.

Highest earning dead celebrities

7. Prince (£13.5 million)

Died: April 2016, aged 57
Cause: Drug overdose

Even with the loss of a a $31 million record deal with Universal, the 'Purple Rain' singer collected millions from a new publishing deal.

Tom Petty

6. Tom Petty (£15 million)

Died: October 2017, aged 66
Cause: Cardiac arrest

The Heartbreakers grossed over $1million per night from this past year on the road. His sudden death saw a huge boost to record sales.

highest earning dead celebrities

5. Bob Marley (£17 million)

Died: May 1981, aged 36
Cause: Cancer

The reggae superstar's children turned Marley into quite the entrepreneur, with a range of top selling 'House Of Marley' speakers and headphones.

Elvis Presley | January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

4. Elvis Presley (£26 million)

Died: August 1977, aged 42
Cause: Heart attack

Both the new $45million Elvis Presley's Memphis entertainment complex and recently-opened hotel The Guesthouse at Graceland, comfortable lined the King's pockets this year.

Charles Schulz...

3. Charles Schulz (£28 million)

Died: February 2000, aged 77
Cause Cancer

This year saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown stop fronting a hugely lucrative insurance company ad campaign, but the three decade-long contract doesn't actually end till 2019.

Highest earning dead celebrities

2. Arnold Palmer (£30 million)

Died: September 2016, aged 87
Cause: Heart disease

The famed golfer's Arnold Palmer-branded apparel is already stocked in 500 stores, and is now making its way into markets like Thailand and Vietnam.

Highest earning dead celebrities

1. Michael Jackson (£56 million)

Died: June 2009, aged 50
Cause: Overdose / Homicide

The King of Pop once again tops Forbes' richest dead celeb list. This past year saw the megastar profit from new album 'Scream', a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, and a hugely lucrative stake in the EMI publishing catalogue.

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