What did Britney Spears spend $10m on last year?

It'll make you feel better about your spending!


Have you ever wondered what a popstar spends their millions on?

Well, ET has obtained Britney Spears' financial papers, which reveal some of her biggest expenses.

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So what were some of the biggest expenses?

She forked out over $122k on massages, grooming and nails, just under $70k on wardrobe and around $25k on hair and makeup.

While her pet pooch may feature in some of Britney's Instagram videos, it costs her a whopping $29,852 to have someone look after the dog when she's busy.

In 2016 she also spent nearly $60k on personal travel.

So, even when you feel like you've spent more than you should have, you're probably still spending less than Britney!

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