Deceased grandmother 'has the last laugh' as her ashes blow back in the face of family

Granddaughter captures the moment on camera in Newcastle


When Liz Hopson tried to scatter her mother's ashes from atop a bridge in Newcastle, the wind had other ideas and blew them back in her face.

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As the family couldn't stop laughing, Liz's daughter Lauren captured the funny moment on camera.

Sharing the video online, Lauren said it was her grandmother's way of getting the last laugh. Lauren and her mother live in the US, but in April 2017, they spent time driving around England to spread her grandmother's ashes in places that were special to her, including Newcastle.

She also compared the incident to a similar scene from the Big Lebowski when John Goodman's character unsuccessfully tried to achieve the same feat, only for Jeff Bridges to get a face full of ash instead.