Girl reunited with cuddly toy she lost at airport after appeal video

A girl has been reunited with the cuddly toy she lost at an airport after images of it were shared around the world.

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Eve Mcilquham, 10, was distraught when she lost her chocolate Labrador toy Basil when on a trip with her mother, Lorraine, to visit her uncle in Canada in July.

Basil was one of 21 lost cuddly toys featured in a video and picture gallery which Glasgow Airport produced in September in the hope of reuniting them with their owners.

Eve's mother Lorraine Carlton was delighted when she recently spotted her daughter's missing toy in the video, which has been seen as far afield as Japan, Germany, Singapore, Jamaica, Australia and Russia.

She said: "When we realised we'd lost Basil, Eve was really upset. She got him from a friend at around the same time we got our chocolate lab puppy, Archie. Eve takes Basil on holiday with her so she doesn't miss Archie as much, so he was a big loss.

"I saw the video of all the toys on the carousel online and recognised Basil. I showed Eve the video without telling her he was in it and she spotted him straight away. She was so excited and couldn't wait to get him back."

Eve, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, said: "I'm so happy I've got Basil back! I missed him loads. I hope the other kids who have lost their teddies get them back too."

In September, Glasgow Airport introduced its first-of-a-kind 'Take Care of my Bear' tags to be given out to any child travelling from the airport with a soft toy.

Eve Mcilquham with airport ambassador Brian Thomson
Eve Mcilquham with airport ambassador Brian Thomson (Glasgow Airport/PA)

The tags are available at check-in and can be marked with the owner's details.

A spokesman for Glasgow Airport said: "I'm delighted that Eve and Basil have been reunited and that they can spend Christmas together.

"If you and your furry friend are travelling through the airport this festive season, don't forget to pick up your teddy tag at one of our check-in desks."

If a family has lost a cuddly toy or anything else at Glasgow Airport, they are advised to contact Luggage Point based in the main terminal.

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