Men rescued from car roof after following sat nav

Two men were rescued from their car after they followed their sat nav into icy water in Leicestershire.

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The pair was forced to climb onto the roof of their car after landing in the three-feet-deep water in Watery Gate, Thurlaston on Friday night.

An officer for Market Bosworth Police wrote on Facebook: "I'm working nights tonight until 6am with PC 1150 Miller from the Greater Hinckley beat.

"We're supposed to be covering the town and the Christmas party goers... however...

"First job of the night with Sgt Hooper... Non - locals trying to get through Watery Gate Thurlaston.

"It was a non-starter - they ended up taking refuge on the roof of their car until LFRS rescued them in a raft and police and EMAS stood by.

"Both were non hypothermic and were taken to a local warm place where they await a lift back to Birmingham."

The officer added: "The depth marker is there for a reason. You can't ignore over 1 metre of icy water. Don't just follow your sat nav."

According to the Leicester Mercury, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service used water rescue equipment to get the men to safety.

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