Zoo Marmosets Get Hold of a Phone and Total Cuteness Ensues

Shutterstock/Fernando Calmon

Have you ever found videos on your phone that were taken by your child after they inadvertently started videotaping themselves? I have several of those videos (and photos!) from when my kids were younger, and that's what this video that Miller Zoo shared reminds me of.

A zookeeper accidentally (or maybe on purpose) left their phone recording in the marmoset enclosure. The monkeys noticed it and wanted to check the strange device out. Watch them as they get up close and personal with the phone - their selfies are too cute!

Do you see what I mean about the marmosets reminding me of kids with a phone? I thought Miller Zoo's video was adorable, and it made me smile! I giggled at their caption too, "They were about to order food."

These monkeys aren't the first animals that have had funny responses to finding human things. Penguin researchers in Antarctica found surprising footage on a wildlife camera that was recording when a couple of Emperor penguins found it.

This monkey in Bali stole a woman's phone and then held it for ransom in exchange for food. This funny fox led a man on a chase when he made off with his phone. Gorillas at the Toronto Zoo were so interested in guests' phones that the zoo had to ask people to stop showing them to the primates. And this otter found a dropped phone at the bottom of his aquarium home and its reaction is too funny! Phones seem to be popular with animals!

Some dogs like to watch TV...I know mine does! My dog couldn't care less about my phone, but if the TV is on, I catch her watching it. TVs are much bigger than phone screens so it's easier for your pup to make out images on the big screen. This might explain why they aren't interested in the tiny screen in your hand; they just can't make out what's on it like they can on the TV.

I know sometimes my kids FaceTime me when they are having lunch at school and want to talk not to me, but to the dog. The dog is not interested in seeing them on the screen and doesn't pay attention but gets so excited when she hears their voice. Then she wags her tail and looks for them! Remember a dog's sense of smell is their strongest sense, which might be the reason that they're not making the connection between the tiny screen and the picture they're trying to make out on it, but they do recognize their humans' voices.

While the marmosets probably quickly lost interest in the strange device, zookeepers and many of us got a kick out of watching them check it out.

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