WrestleMania 40: Predictions for every match on Nights 1 and 2

HOUSTON, TEXAS - MARCH 11: A Wrestlemania sign is seen in the rafters during WWE Monday Night RAW at Toyota Center on March 11, 2024 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images)
A Wrestlemania sign is seen in the rafters during WWE Monday Night RAW at Toyota Center on March 11, 2024, in Houston. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images) (Alex Bierens de Haan via Getty Images)

WWE's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 40, takes place this weekend at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The two-night extravaganza features 13 matches, with seven of WWE's championships on the line. Here's how we predict the event will unfold.

(Note: Matches are not listed in televised order)

Night 1

Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee vs. Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar

We should see some very entertaining action between these four very early on in the show. Expect several jaw-dropping moments from Dragon Lee, who is among the most talented Luchadors in WWE today and charged moments between Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The Judgment Day could be in line for a huge weekend (more on this later) and the outcome of this match likely determines where Mysterio fits in all of it. Prediction: Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee win

Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair and Naomi vs. Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai, Asuka and Kairi Sane)

This will be our first extended look at Jade Cargill, who is being built up like no other women's wrestler in recent memory. After three consecutive title matches at WrestleMania, we know the talent level Belair is bringing into this match and Naomi is still riding a high from her return at the Royal Rumble. Damage CTRL is the predominant women's faction and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Look for Cargill to shine and possibly turn on Belair and Naomi, coming in as a heel potentially joining Damage CTRL in the process. Prediction: Damage CTRL wins

Jimmy Uso vs. Jey Uso 'Brother vs. Brother'

A match that we have been building to for roughly a year, Jimmy and Jey will finally give fans a payoff at WrestleMania. You could argue that — outside of the two main events — no match on the entire WrestleMania 40 card has more significant emotional stakes than this one. Both Uso brothers have remarkable ability from a physical and storytelling perspective and those will be on full display on Saturday night. The best outcome here is for Jey Uso to come out with the win, extending the story between the brothers and, to an extent, the Bloodline as well. Prediction: Jey Uso wins

Six-Pack Challenge Ladder Match for Tag Team Championships: DIY vs. Awesome Truth vs. New Day vs. New Catch Republic vs. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory vs. The Judgment Day (c.)

Update: Both sets of championships will be suspended above the ring, meaning we'll have two teams winning, splitting the undisputed championship.

WWE ladder matches have a rich history at WrestleMania, and there's a very good chance that this one joins that group by stealing the show on Saturday. Again, there's always the possibility that WWE goes all-in on The Judgment Day, having them hold three major championships before all is said and done in Philadelphia — but I don't think this is the ultimate outcome. You could realistically make a case for any of the six teams involved here to come out as champs, but if we're creating a "WrestleMania moment," Awesome Truth climbing the ladder and winning is one way to go and since both sets of titles are on the line, going with a heel team like Waller/Theory or Judgment Day to capture the other would make sense.Prediction: Awesome Truth and Waller/Theory win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn vs. Gunther (c.)

Despite a relatively sudden build, Zayn and Gunther have the ability to put on an excellent match on Night 1. The contrasting styles between these two should mesh nicely, but I don't see any reason to believe that Gunther's record-setting reign will end at WrestleMania. Prediction: Gunther retains the Intercontinental Championship

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 08:  Becky Lynch meets Rhea Ripley face-off on stage during the WWE Wrestlemania XL Kickoff on February 08, 2024, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PXimages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Becky Lynch faces off with Rhea Ripley during the WWE Wrestlemania XL Kickoff on Feb. 8, 2024, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PXimages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) (Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Women's World Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley (c.)

Lynch and Ripley are no strangers to WrestleMania, with each of them having won championships at the "Showcase of the Immortals." Since the match was set after Lynch's Elimination Chamber win, these two have done a great job in building this feud both on and off WWE programming. Would Lynch be a strong champion (as she always has been in the past)? Sure, but Ripley is doing everything at such an elevated level right now, putting her on the type of run that you ride until the wheels fall off. Where the rest of the Judgment Day failed on Night 1, Ripley succeeds, potentially creating a power vacuum in the faction. Prediction: Rhea Ripley retains her Women's World Championship

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Roman Reigns during the WWE Wrestlemania XL Kickoff on Feb. 8, 2024, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PXimages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) (Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins vs. The Rock and Roman Reigns

More of a chapter in the story than the end of it for Rhodes, I don't expect the babyfaces to prevail in the main event of Night 1. With the stipulation being if Rhodes/Rollins win The Bloodline is barred from ringside on Night 2 and if Rock/Reigns win the Night 2 match happens under "Bloodline Rules," it makes for a better Night 2 main event if the deck is stacked against Rhodes. The Philadelphia crowd should make this one of the most memorable main events in recent memory as we're bound to get showdowns between Rhodes and The Rock as well as between Rollins and Reigns. Fans have been theorizing The Rock turning on Reigns, and with them sharing the ring there's a chance for it here, but the real culmination of this incredible build will come Sunday, not Saturday. Prediction: The Rock and Roman Reigns win.

Night 2

Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits vs. The Final Testament in a Philadelphia Street Fight

Sometimes, in pro wrestling, it comes down to which wrestler/faction needs the win more to establish credibility moving forward. Lashley's a future Hall of Famer and no matter what the Street Profits do, their charisma and ability as a team will always have them over with WWE fans. If Karrion Kross and Authors of Pain are going to sniff the runs they had during their time with NXT a dominant win needs to happen here at WrestleMania. Prediction: The Final Testament wins

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles

If we're looking at a potential dark horse, weekend-stealing match, this is it. The feud leading into the showdown between Knight and Styles has been solid and this will be Knight's first-ever WrestleMania match. Knight was the hottest star in WWE just a few months ago, and certainly has the fans' support. Styles, who missed significant time last year with injury and a hiatus, will always be in or near the main-event picture, simply based off his ability and reputation. A WrestleMania victory for Knight would jolt the Philadelphia crowd and continue the momentum for Knight through the next portion of 2024. Prediction: LA Knight wins

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 15: Logan Paul is seen in the ring as his brother Jake Paul takes on Andre August during the Jake Paul v Andre August at the Caribe Royale Orlando on December 15, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
Logan Paul is seen in the ring before his brother, Jake Paul, takes on Andre August at the Caribe Royale Orlando on Dec. 15, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) (Alex Menendez via Getty Images)

Triple-Threat Match for the United States Championship: Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul (c.)

Orton, Owens and Paul were all involved in the Elimination Chamber match in February, setting the stage for his WrestleMania 40 match. Orton and Owens are the established veterans in this match, but Paul is no slouch either. At WrestleMania 39, there was a triple-threat match between Sheamus, Gunther and Drew McIntyre that was among the best of the year. I would expect Owens, Orton and Paul to put together something special that matches — or exceeds — what we saw then. Prediction: Logan Paul retains the United States Championship (c.)

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins (c.) - with CM Punk as special guest commentator

It was believed that this spot was supposed to be Punk's before a triceps injury shelved him, forcing McIntyre into the WrestleMania 40 match. That said, McIntyre has taken the ball and run with it, tapping into a heel character that has been a refreshing change of pace. Rollins is pulling double duty this weekend — should expect nothing less than the heart and soul of this generation of WWE — and could be (storyline) significantly banged up after Night 1. Common sense would suggest that Punk gets involved somehow, but I actually think it adds to the depth of his character and this feud if he stays neutral. Of course, there's always the "Money in the Bank" winner Damian Priest lurking as well. All of this is to say, I don't see how Rollins leaves Philadelphia as champion. Prediction: Drew McIntyre wins the World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Women's Championship Match: Bayley vs. Iyo Sky (c.)

One of the defining stars of this generation of women's wrestling, Bayley finally gets her chance in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania. The build to this feud has been solid, with Bayley getting to choose her opponent after her win at the Royal Rumble in January. Bayley, who was the leader of Damage CTRL, opted to pick Sky has her WrestleMania opponent after the faction turned on her earlier this year. When you look at the story that has been told and the talent of both women — especially Sky's high-flying ability — this match has the chance to go down as one of the best ever in women's wrestling history. More than anything, though, a win feels like the chance to truly acknowledge Bayley's presence among the biggest female stars in the company's history. Prediction: Bayley wins the WWE Women's Championship.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns (c.) (Stipulation to be decided after Night 1 main event)

As mentioned above, the way this match/main event works best is if the deck is stacked against Rhodes, meaning this will be contested under "Bloodline Rules." Sunday night's final match represents the culmination of story that has dominated WWE for more than a year, and should end with Rhodes finally capturing the championship his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, couldn't. There are still several major questions that could provide for memorable moments during the match. Will The Rock turn on Roman Reigns? How much outside interference will there be? Does Rhodes have some WWE legends in his own corner to help? WWE has the chance to create an all-time moment with this main event — and I fully expect them to deliver. Championship changes at WrestleMania are supposed to be special and/or signify a passing of the torch. A Rhodes win can accomplish that and join WrestleMania lore alongside Shawn Michaels' win at WrestleMania XII, Daniel Bryan's at WrestleMania XXX and Kofi Kingston's at WrestleMania 35. Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship