Woman's Heartbreaking Goodbye to Chihuahua at Special Pet Memorial Is a Tear-Jerker

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Video of one dog mom saying goodbye to her pup is absolutely gut-wrenching. The woman even made the trek to the Rainbow Bridge hidden in Lake Lure, North Carolina and left a special object from her late Chihuahua. And it was truly the most touching way to say goodbye.

Nala was her mama's beloved companion. So of course the woman had to pay tribute to her dog in a special way.

The woman, who goes by @goingwithgarcia online, wanted to thank her Chihuahua for "being such a huge part of my life," she explained in the caption. So she went to the Lake Lore Flowering Bridge and left Nala's collar on the railing.

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"In loving memory of Nala," the tag reads.

The dog mom brought her other pup Maggie along to pay her respects. We're sure Maggie was saying goodbye in her own way too.

Grief has been hard on the woman, but amazingly the comments section rallied around her. "I’m sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Nala," wrote one person. "The second I saw the collars I burst into a sob," someone else added. "The paw prints painted at just the beginning of the bridge made me start sobbing even more omg," chimed in someone else. "Seeing how many people have lost their dog from that bridge brought me to tears," another person wrote.

The Lake Lore Flowering Bridge

For many pet owners, there's no gesture big enough that will adequately help them part with their pups. But the rainbow bridge, or Lake Lore Flowering Bridge in North Carolina, receives hundreds of visitors every year just like Nala's mama. All who are hoping to leave a touching memorial to their fur-child.

A sign at the front of the bridge invites pet owners to leave their late pet's collar or tags on the bridge's rail. Some of the tags will say the animal's name, while others say nothing at all.

The memorial was created by artist Amy Wald, who lost her own dog and decided to make a space where pet owners could pay tribute and imagine themselves meeting their treasured animal once again. You can even see paw prints painted on the bridge that gently fade from one side to the other.

Since Wald created the piece, so many people have come and left a belonging from their pet. We have to think that it's given so many pet owners closure. Just like Nala's owner, who used the trip as a way to help her through her grief.

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