Why William and Kate refused to speak to Harry after Philip's funeral

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not speak to Prince Harry after Prince Philip's funeral because of concerns their conversation would be leaked, royal historian Robert Lacey has claimed.

Lacey covered the funeral in the updated version of his book 'Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult', which is due to be released on Thursday.

At the funeral, William and Harry were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips, who walked between them during the procession.

Later though, the brothers were snapped chatting, with some in the media suggesting that might have pointed to them overcoming their differences.

Lacey wrote that reports of the royal family attending a "mini summit" to resolve their issues were false.

"William and Kate, after saying goodbye to Charles, who headed to Wales where he had been mourning at his Llandovery estate, went back to Kensington Palace together to put the children to bed," Lacey wrote.

"They told friends that they could see no point in talking to Harry, since any discussion of substance would go straight back to Meghan to be leaked out via Oprah or some other tentacle of the Sussex network that had not stopped spreading stories in the weeks since the interview that the couple's friends had promised would be their final word," he added.

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