Why your spouse might be more likely to cheat on Leap Day

A close-up view of a young man's hands removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties Leap Day
One forum has suggested that people may be more likely to cheat on a Leap Day. (Getty Images) (Karl Tapales via Getty Images)

While, for some, a Leap Day signifies an extra day in the year to get things done, other people are suggesting it could be the optimal day to cheat on your spouse.

In a recent online forum held on affairs website, IllicitEncounters.com, one user stated: “Since it’s a leap year, women can propose on February 29. And that got me thinking… for people who are already married or engaged, we should celebrate ‘Cheat Leap’, where cheating in a leap year doesn’t count! Sounds like a good enough excuse to play away this year… Or maybe the 29th should be 'Come On To Someone Else's Spouse Day'. What do we reckon?”

Instead of batting the idea down, other users were quick to jump on board, with one person commenting: “Sounds perfect I like that idea…”, and another added that they would “give it a try on the 29th, who knows it could be worth a leap of faith for one time”.

One expert has commented on the idea, saying it could be a good idea for marriages going forward.

“It’s interesting to see that people who have already gone through the proposal process might end up feeling a little left out when leap years come around,” IllicitEncoutners spokesperson Jessica Leoni said.

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Most cheaters say their affairs make them happier in their marriages. (Getty Images) (Witthaya Prasongsin via Getty Images)

“Last year, a study we conducted showed that 72% of married people said they were happier in their marriage since they started having an affair.

“So, actually, having an affair on the 29th February, or during a leap year might not be such a bad thing for your marriage after all.”

The recent study also found that 52% of cheaters were having more sex with their spouses after their affair began, while 38% said cheating made them happier in general.

"It might sound strange, but so many people find that their overall satisfaction in their primary relationships improves when having an affair," Leoni said at the time.

"One thing that’s become clear is the impact that personal happiness has on your sex life, especially for those seeking fun outside of their marriage. They get this newfound surge in happiness, whether that comes from the affair itself or from the escape it provides, and that can spill over into the relationship at home."

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