Why One Day fans think new Netflix series is better than the film

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall star as Emma and Dexter in One Day. (Netflix)
One Day fans are loving the new Netflix adaptation. (Netflix)

What did you miss?

One Day fans have declared the new Netflix show is better than the movie version - as it is more faithful to the book.

This Is Going To Hurt's Ambika Mod and The White Lotus' Leo Woodall star as Emma and Dexter in the new TV adaptation of David Nicholl's beloved novel about two friends who meet at university and their relationship over the next 20 years. And just one day into the launch of the show, fans had already binge-watched the entire 14 part series and were hailing it as the best adaptation.

What, how, and why?

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall star as Emma and Dexter in One Day. (Netflix)
Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall star as Emma and Dexter in One Day. (Netflix) (Ludovic Robert/Netflix)

One Day - published in 2009 - charts friends Emma and Dexter's relationship on just one day - 15 July - over the course of 20 years, starting in 1988, when they meet at Edinburgh University. It was adapted into a popular film in 2011 directed by Lone Scherfig and starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

But now it has launched on Netflix as a TV show and fans of the book think the small screen adaptation "finally" does the book justice.

One wrote on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter: "one day is 100% worth watching even if you haven't read the book or haven't watch the film they were truly faithful to book and ambika mod and leo woodwall done a really good job so i find hard people dislike it and the final episodes oh god #OneDay #OneDayNetflix."

Another agreed: "SWOON. Pleasantly surprised by how this Netflix series of ONE DAY gets closer to the spirit of the David Nicholls novel than the muddied 2011 movie. Takes its time, and allows its emotions to breathe (and blur). Ambika Mod & Leo Woodall are just wonderful! #onedaynetflix #oneday."

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess starred in the 2011 film of One Day.
Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess starred in the 2011 film of One Day. (Alamy) (Cinematic Collection, Cinematic)

One declared: "This series FINALLY does the book justice! Please go watch #OneDay on @netflix."

And another posted: "#OneDay is quite possibly the most accurate book to screen adaptation I've ever seen. There was one thing I didn't like from the ending of the book AND THEY ACTUALLY TOOK IT OUT OF THE SHOW. Put Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod in EVERYTHING together. Incredible."

And another shared: "I vividly remember reading #OneDay. I loved it then, and now, it's gotten the adaptation it deserves. I've watched it twice. You should watch it (at least once). Here's this, for after you do because #spoilers..."

One Day fans were particularly pleased to see the scene when Emma and Dexter walk through a maze at a wedding, which was cut from the film, was reenacted in the TV show.

One tweeted: "The maze scene was perfection. No notes. Everything from the book, and what I pictured in my head and more. Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod, the people that you are! The chemistry was chemistrying through the roof with these two #OneDayNetflix #OneDay."

And another celebrated: "WE GOT THE MAZE SCENE!!! #OneDay #OneDayNetflix."

What else happened in One Day?

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall star as Emma and Dexter in One Day. (Netflix)
One Day has left binge-watching viewers feeling emotional. (Netflix)

Spoiler alert: Viewers who binge-watched the entire series on the first day of release were devastated by the tragic twist that sees Emma die in a car crash and follows Dexter through his grief.

One warned: "guys, don’t watch one day on netflix if you want to have a happy life (the show will cause you irreparable emotional damage) #OneDay."

Another commented: "Episode 14; surprised I could even watch it since I just cried from start to finish And I mean the sorta cry that sound comes out your mouth its so sad #OneDay."

And a third joked: "Netflix will pay for its crimes!! Making me believe in love and then rip out my heart afterwards. Anyways go watch #OneDay now streaming on @Netflix and become the emotional wreck I am now after finishing the last episode."

Some had even hoped the TV show would change the story and stop Emma dying.

One asked: "Someone spoil this for me please, b/c if it ends the same way the Anne Hathaway movie ended I’m DEFINITELY not watching it. I don’t need that emotional trauma again. #oneday #OneDayNetflix."

One Day is streaming on Netflix.

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