These were the best-selling cars in June

June marked another month of fluctuation for the new car market. Though registrations were up 28 per cent on the previous year, June’s new car figures represented a 16.4 per cent decline when compared with the 10-year average.

Continued pressure on supply chains – as well as a shortage of semiconductors – has caused numbers to dwindle, though the alternatively-fuelled segment showed some growth. This month’s list of best-sellers contained all the usual suspects but was headed up by a popular EV. Let’s see how they shaped up.

Tesla Model 3 – 5,468

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s ever-popular Model 3 came out on top in June with 5,468 cars sold. The Model 3 packs a lot of features in a compact package, while its impressive range of up to 353 miles – depending on model – means that it has genuine long-distance prowess.

Plus, you get access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, which has 624 sites across the UK.

Volkswagen Golf – 4,629

Volkswagen Golf GTE
The Volkswagen GTE features impressively low emissions

The eighth-generation Golf took second place with 4,629 registrations during June. It was, however, knocked down by the Model 3 after taking the top spot in May – though registrations are up considerably on that month’s 4,181.

The Golf’s range has been broadened with the introduction of an estate version, while GTI, GTE and GTD versions take the Golf’s appeal further.

Ford Puma – 4,477

Ford Puma ST
The Puma ST is a sportier version of Ford’s popular compact SUV

Ford’s Puma has been charging up the standings each month and finally it has entered the top three. With 4,477 registrations, the Puma is seeing some real success in the UK and is even outperforming the Fiesta upon which it is based.

We can only see the Puma increasing in popularity, with the crossover craze showing no sign of slowing up.

Vauxhall Corsa – 4,375

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa just missed out on a podium place this month with 4,375 registrations. The little hatchback’s appeal isn’t diminishing thanks to a range of powertrains and a fully electric model – badged Corsa-e – ensuring that there’s a version for everyone.

Thanks to clever packaging and a well-sized interior, the Corsa is a car that’ll fit the bill for a lot of owners.

Ford Fiesta – 3,811

Ford Fiesta

The ever-popular Fiesta has really maintained a level position during June, though the 3,811 registrations this month far exceed the 2,794 vehicles sold during May. As a household name, the Fiesta is a car beloved by all manner of drivers, but even it can’t face off against the overwhelming popularity of its Puma stablemate.

The Fiesta continues to be offered with a variety of powertrains, while the ST performance variant is still regarded as one of the best-handling cars of its type on sale today.

Volkswagen Polo – 3,752

Volkswagen Polo
The regular Polo was revealed in April. (VW)

Volkswagen’s classy Polo did well during June – though only 234 more cars were sold during the month compared with May. Recently updated, the Polo brings a classy experience wrapped up in a compact and easy-to-live-with package.

Volkswagen just released a GTI version, too, which will no doubt bolster sales when it hits dealerships later this year.

Toyota Yaris – 3,546

Toyota Yaris
A large, open grille gives the Yaris a head-turning look

The dinky Toyota Yaris is another example of the firm’s commitment to hybrid powertrains. Thanks to an efficient ‘standard’ hybrid powertrain, the Yaris brings very low running costs alongside Toyota’s famous reliability.

It’s well-packaged, too, with a surprisingly roomy interior and plenty of standard equipment.

Mini – 3,506

Mini Cooper
The Cooper has recently been revamped

The Mini arrives as the only car on this list to be built in Britain. The Oxford-made Mini continues to be a chart success, with a recent facelift only helping to boost interest in the retro-styled model even further.

Though the Mini brand might be broader than ever, there’s still a lot of love for the regular hatch.

BMW 3 Series – 3,048

BMW 3 Series

Despite the increasing popularity of SUVs, regular saloon and estate cars continue to be the bread-and-butter of the motoring world. One such car is the BMW 3 Series, which brings a premium finish and all manner of high-end touches in a relatively compact bodystyle.

There’s the option of an estate version, too, while BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive can give added traction in poor conditions.

Kia Sportage – 2,947

Kia Sportage

Finally, we have the Kia Sportage. With a great level of standard equipment, the Sportage has been a consistent hit with families after value-for-money.

Kia recently unveiled a brand-new Sportage, too. This fifth-generation model with its sharp new look and redesigned interior will no doubt improve its popularity even more.