Washington Family's Effort to Earn Trust of Stray Husky Tugs at the Heartstrings


The life of a stray dog isn't an easy one, but kindhearted people can make a world of difference. Something as simple as a meal or a place to sleep can help a homeless dog feel safe, even for a little while, but it can also be a stepping stone toward finding them a home where they're accepted and loved.

Thankfully, that's precisely what's happening for a stray dog named Bandit in suburban Washington. The beautiful Husky has been a stray in the neighborhood for at least a year, but one loving family has started feeding him and playing with him in the hopes of earning his trust. It's a slow process, but they've already made so much progress!

On June 7, Sierra, a wife, mom, and dog owner, shared a bit more about Bandit and his story with her invested TikTok followers. Now, Bandit has more support than ever!

OMG--Bandit is stunning! This gorgeous Siberian Husky could charm just about anyone with his brown fur and bright blue eyes, but he's sadly been turned away and ignored time and time again. Even the local animal shelter refuses to try capturing him again! Luckily, he's made friends with Sierra and her husband, and he's becoming part of the family ever so slowly.

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"He wants to be loved so badly, but he just doesn't trust yet," noticed commenter @susanwallace626. "Keep working with him, and you'll earn it!" I think you're right! Just days after feeding and playing with the stray dog, she's getting closer than ever.

Bandit is such a playful pup! The way he play bows to Sierra and her husband could put a smile on any dog lover's face, though I'm sure no one is as thrilled with the progress as the dog's new friends. Eventually, he just may end up as their pet!

What to Do When You Meet Stray Dogs

When you're not a professional animal rescuer, it can be difficult to know when to step in to help a stray dog. Some cases are obvious, like when you spot an injured pup, but it can also be common for dogs to live outdoors in some areas of the world. If you're in a situation like Sierra's, where a stray has been around for a while, it's smart to check in with neighbors and local shelters before making plans to earn their trust and take them in.

Since Sierra has taken all precautions and spoken to everyone in her neighborhood who knows the dog, she is confident in taking the first step: earning his trust enough to take him to the vet to get fixed!

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