Viral DoorDash Video of Cat Being Stolen Just Gets Weirder by the Minute


A guy named Odwin, who lives in Las Vegas, according to his social media bios, posted a Ring camera video on March 31st. This video shows a DoorDash driver dropping off some food, and then stealing Odwin's cat Milo after dropping off the food.

Odwin posted the following on Twitter, or, X.

So in the video the delivery guy puts a bag of food and a drink down on the ground. Milo, the alleged kitty in the video, walks up to the guy and rubs against his legs. The delivery man in the video picks up the cat, pets him, takes a photo with his cell phone, and appears to place the cat in the grass. The cat meows, the driver picks him up again, and appears to leave with him.

Twitter users were quick to make this video viral with over 4.8 million views and let their opinions be known. One person said, "Some people need to stop victim blaming! This was stolen property. Was the cat on his property? Was it stolen? Case closed." Another added, "How do you know it was stolen? Looks like he just wanted it to put it away so the cat won’t eat your food. Maybe the cat went somewhere else." Another person had a pretty good reply with, "Where in the video is he stolen? I just see a delivery driver trying to keep a cat away from your food. You don't see him get in a car and drive off, all you see is him carrying the cat away from the food. You should be on the phone with the cops and door dash, what's X gonna do to help?"

After the first video, Odwin posted this update:

So Milo, wasn't kidnapped, he just went on 'adventure.' Is this cat owner just crying 'wolf'.. I mean, cat? Odwin hasn't posted any further updates, which is making some people believe this might perhaps be staged or not real or is some sort of April Fool's joke.

One person commented, "So with you not taking down the original post and not doing any due diligence - you point was to have the driver harassed to death? If not your point, you would take it down and pin an apology. If not, I will encourage him to sue you." Someone else added, "Meanwhile your post could cost that dude his job. Nice."

Here at PetHelpful we love animals and we always feel absolutely awful when an animal goes missing. We would also hate to think someone would pull a stunt like this just for clicks. At the end of the day, we hope this owner learns the true moral of the story, don't leave your cat outside unattended.

Let's hope the DoorDash driver gets an apology. He sure was sweet to that cat.

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