Sturgeon: Stay at home over Christmas is the default message

Nicola Sturgeon has said her default advice for Scots over Christmas is to stay "in your own home, within your own household". The Scottish First Minister asked Scots not to visit relatives in other households over Christmas if they can help it, despite the relaxation of rules. "If you can get through this Christmas staying in your own home, within your own household, please do so," she said. "I want to stress today that just because we're allowing people to form a bubble (that) does not mean that you have to do it," Ms Sturgeon said. During her daily Covid-19 briefing on Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon said guidance about the festive period to be issued on Thursday is still being finalised. The UK Government and devolved administrations have agreed a joint plan to relax social distancing rules over the festive period, allowing three households to mix from December 23 to 27.