Couple start a family after only one date

SWNYweblove - New York office - +1 646 873 7565A woman who moved in with her online lover after just ONE face-to-face date has told how her leap of faith has led to a blissful marriage, two children and another baby on the way.Shakeela Fetterhoff was only 18-years-old when she spotted the man of her dreams on the dating app Skout. After just three months of conversing online and a single date Shakeela abandoned her family in DeKalb, Illinois and moved 800 miles across the country to Montgomery, Alabama to live with her now-husband Jeremy.  Shakeela, 25, and Jeremy, 31, say they were smitten with each other from day one. "He reached out to me on the dating site," said Shakeela, a stay-at-home mom.  "I thought he was a catfish at first because he was so attractive and he had professional pictures of himself on there. "But after about 20 minutes of texting back and forth he called me and we spoke for about 30 minutes. "The next day he asked me to be his girlfriend." Jeremy, who works in sales for a security company, said: "It was as if God put her in front of me and told me 'this is the one.'   "And we're still in love seven years later." Shakeela said: "I was so excited that he asked me to be his girlfriend right away. "We were in different states, so we wanted to make sure there wasn't anyone else who could spark our interest. "I was 18 when we first met online, and Jeremy was 24.  "I had just graduated high school the week before and I was living with my dad while I looked for a job. "Jeremy was working as a call dispatcher at the college he'd attended, the ASU in Alabama. "I wasn't working so my cellphone was about to be shut off, but after just one month of talking online Jeremy offered to pay my phone bill, so that we could continue talking. "We never used FaceTime or video link, all we had was phone calls, text messages and the photos we had sent to each other.  "I was really big on rock music, so we would recommend different songs to each other. "He was ready to settle down and so was I. "I wanted to meet someone who was serious, not just someone looking for sex. "He said he loved me during the first week of us dating online and I told him that I felt the same.  "He told me he would take care of me and that he couldn't wait for us to be together, he said he saw a future together, we even talked about kids and what their names would be. "But we knew that in order for it to work one of us would have to move. "Jeremy had just started a new job, so he asked if I'd be willing to meet him, and then move to Alabama so we could be together. "I knew that it would either be a positive experience, or a terrible one. "I had planned to stay with my great aunt in Mississippi for the summer, so we decided to meet up for the first time there, because it's closer to Alabama. "But even before I left for Mississippi I knew I would go to live with Jeremy.  "I secretly packed my passport, birth certificate and all the things I would need for our future together. "I didn't tell my dad, I knew he would try to talk me out of it, but I had made up my mind...he just thought I was packing for the trip to see my aunt. "I didn't know if Jeremy was a serial killer, or if he was abusive, but I felt confident that he was a good person, I was willing to take that risk because I was so in love."  Shakeela and Jeremy first connected online on June 11, 2012. Less than one month later she was traveling to Mississippi with her life's belongings, ready to elope with her mystery man.  "I got on the Greyhound bus, it was about a twelve hour journey and it was my first time traveling alone.  "On the bus I was very excited, I texted Jeremy the whole time, just letting him know that I was safe and that I couldn't wait to see him. "I knew I wanted our relationship to work. "I was sad to leave my family behind though, I'd never been away from them before."   The couple's first date was about five weeks after they first met online.  "I had told my great aunt about Jeremy and said I wanted to go and meet him for pizza and a movie. "She was very protective of me, so she picked out the closest movie theatre and made sure that she knew exactly where I was going to be all night.  "My heart was racing really fast before I saw him, I couldn't believe that it was really happening. "We'd never video chatted before, so he could have been a completely different person, but luckily he wasn't. "We went to Pizza Hut and then watched The Dark Knight Rises. "I was a virgin when we met, so we didn't go the whole way until after we'd moved in together, but on that first night we did share the same bed."He told me that he'd had five sexual partners before we met." The next time the couple met in person they packed up Jeremy's car and drove to Alabama to live together. "My dad was not happy about it at all," said Shakeela. "He tried to stop me, but I wasn't going to change my mind. "He gave Jeremy a stern talk, he warned him that he had to treat me with respect and not hurt me. "He said: 'I don't want to have to go to prison for hurting him if he hurts you.'"Now Jeremy is a father too, he knows exactly how my dad must have felt that day." By the end of August 2012 the couple were living together, with Jeremy's two roommates. On October 28, 2012 they got their own place. "By the time I was 19 I knew I was ready to have a baby," said Shakeela. Now the couple have two children, Edolie, five, and Ender, two. Their third baby is due on December 7 [2019]. "I wanted five children and Jeremy wanted one or two, so we stetted at three," said Shakeela. "We had actually chosen Edolie's name before we'd even met each other."We picked the name out together during the first month that we were dating online." Jeremy said: "I could tell immediately that Shakeela was different from anyone I'd anyone I'd met before. "She has always been so loyal and faithful to me. "We love to communicate through music and if we have a little tiff we can never stay mad at each other for long. "We don't bicker, we sleep in the same bed and enjoy each other's company."I hope our story can encourage others not to lose hope with online dating."  In 2014 the lovebirds moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to be closer to Shakeela's family.  Shakeela said: "I'm closer than ever with my dad now. "He thought I was crazy when I first went to live with Jeremy, he thought I was moving in with a stranger. "But now he's really proud of us both, that we made it work, and we're still happy and in love."I am still as attracted to Jeremy and as in love with him as I was seven years ago. "He is still the same sweet, handsome man that I fell for. Seeing him as a father has made me love him even more."The main reasons why I love him so much is how loving he is about me and our kids. "He's very family oriented and has support me staying home to raise our children. He loves to show off his wife and kids to the world." ENDS

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