Video of Rancher Comforting Australian Cattle Dog Who Got ‘Injured’ on the Job Is Precious

CC Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

Brave dogs need love too. Just like an Australian Cattle Dog who turned back into a puppy after a little boo boo on the ranch.

The dog sure is tough — but even tough pups need a little love every now and again.

Shared by @mari_enrqz online, a video shows the Australian Cattle Dog getting some TLC in the barn after a run-in with a horse.

"When your Cattle Dog got stepped on ONCE but still has to go to work," the video's onscreen caption reads.

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The footage shows the dog getting some pets from its human. We guess the dog was a little spooked and needed some reassurance before she could get back to keeping watch.

"She's so brave. She's well-behaved. She is not afraid," a trending sound playing over the video sang. You can say that again. The dog deserves to take all the time she needs.

"She's literally so brave," the owner joked in the caption.

The comments section felt for the dog. And everyone agreed that she had every right to be freaked. "She’s like, 'are you sure it’s not gonna step on me????'" teased one commenter. "Once is ENOUGH hahaha," someone else added. "Nah, I had a horse step on my foot before, she came with the correct energy," a third person agreed. "One bad event can traumatize dogs. A fan fell in front of my dog ONCE now she’s terrified of a fan even moving slightly around her," one person shared.

Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe From Horses

It's a hazard for any dog living on a ranch or farm. One minute you're minding your own business and then the next you're on the wrong side of a horse's hoof. Horses are not aggressive creatures by any means, but even the best behaved horse can hurt a dog if they aren't paying close attention or they get spooked.

In general, dogs and horses don't always get along. But a way to make sure that neither one gets hurt is to introduce your dog to your horse slowly. No need to rush the process. The more comfortable your dog gets around horses, the less likely they'll be to get excited and start causing trouble.

Even if you do acclimate the two, it's a good idea to always have a leash around. Horses don't see dogs as companions like we do, so they may ultimately decide that dogs are a threat.

It's up to us to keep dogs (and horses) safe in this situation. Training dogs to stay calm and listen to your commands can do a lot to make sure they don't get hurt.

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