Video of Maine Coon Licking His Giant Paws Has People Obsessed

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Most people know that Maine Coons are very big cats, but this video that Maine Coon Loki's mom shared of him licking his paws really puts his size into perspective! Mom shared the video at the beginning of April of Loki licking his 'murder mittens' has people obsessed.

The video is short - only 10 seconds long - and shows Loki sitting outside enjoying the sunlight and beautiful weather. He starts to groom his paws and his claws come out...they remind me of a lion's paws they're so big!

Whoa! That is one big cat! 2-year-old Loki has a lot of fans, and they left more than 4,500 comments about how cool and beautiful he is....and they are right! But those claws are pretty scary - I wouldn't want to get swatted by him. Commenters also swooned over wanting a Maine Coon. @Nabila had my favorite comment because it made me laugh, "I would trade my husband with this Maine Coon in a heartbeat!"

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Is a Maine Coon Cat Right for You?

I think it's safe to say that Maine Coons are beautiful cats, and those looks make everybody want one...they're one of the most popular breeds around, and also one of the oldest breeds in North America. They are much larger than your standard domestic cat; on average, males weigh 15-25 pounds, while females are 10-15 pounds. Their average height is 10-16 inches, and their tails can add another 12-18 inches to their length. They have those cool huge furry paws...lovingly referred to as murder mittens that they use to climb, hunt, and capture their prey like mice and birds. They look regal and act like kings and queens. They're the whole package!

Ever wonder how Maine Coons got their unique name? Maine Coon Central explains, "Maine Coons are believed to have originated in Maine...hence the first half of their name. In the early days of the breed, before they reached official status, they were just called Maine cats. Around the mid-20th century) that their name was changed to the Maine Coon. This is because their tails are so bushy and often striped, so people began to compare them to raccoons, giving them the second half of their name."

These cats require regular exercise, and they love nothing more than staying busy by chasing mice or following their humans around. They love water, and have semi-water-repellent fur, "They have three layers of fur, and the outermost layer helps water to slide easily off their coat instead of soaking them through."

Many people say that these huge cats remind them more of canines than felines! They have a lot of the same traits as loyal dogs do with their owners and families. My husband and one of my daughters are allergic to cats, otherwise, I'd have a Maine Coon of my own!

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