Video of Bulldog Sweetly Staring at Her Mom Is Full of Pure Love

Unsplash/Laurentiu Morariu

Do you ever catch your dog looking at you with love in its eyes? My dog does this all the time, and whenever I catch her doing it, it makes me smile. Willow the bulldog absolutely adores her mom, as is evident in this video that she shared on Thursday, May 23rd.

Willow's video is only 11 seconds long, but it will make your day. Willow and mom are sitting together, looking at each other. The love that Willow has for her mom is very obvious. The best part is when Willow puts her hand on her mom's face. It was all just pure love between the both of them!

I've watched Willow's video at least five just continues to make me smile! The way she put her hand on her mom's face is everything! Other viewers felt the same way and couldn't get over the cuteness. One commenter swooned, "Sweet punkin, love those tiny teefers!" @Snoopy agreed, "Bulldogs are the sweetest breed ever! and @Sun and Fun 80s added, "Fur babies are the best!"

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Why Dogs Are So Special To Us

It's no secret that some people love their dogs and treat them like their children. Before my husband and I had kids we had two West Highland Terriers that we referred to as our daughters, and yes, they were really like one of our kids! What makes dogs so special to us and why do they take up such a huge place in many of our hearts?

There are too many reasons to count that explain why we all love our dogs. Dogs don't know how to pretend, so everything that they do and the feelings and emotions that they show us are 100% genuine. If you've ever bonded with a dog, then you know what I mean. They offer a companionship that is hard to find with another person and it's a feeling that is hard to describe if you've never felt it before. I'm not even a dog person but I have a velcro dog who I can't imagine living without!

Dogs are so loyal; they give us everything they've got and only want our love and attention in return...they are literally our biggest fans. I think this dog quote from Roger Caras sums it up best, "Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made." It makes me cry every time that I read it!

And just like with any relationship, sometimes they drive us nuts, make mistakes, and even argue, but in the end, all they offer us is unconditional love. What a special gift to share with another creature!

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