US TikTok star mocks British beach in scathing post - 'What the hell is this?'

A US TikTok star has gone viral after mocking the British seaside when he visited a beach for the first time.

Nick Alexander, or "Mr Miami UK", travelled with friends to Weston-Super-Mare near Bristol in Somerset - a famously long beach that is covered in thick mud.

Alexander, who is from Miami, Florida with its white-sand beaches, documented the visit in several videos on TikTok last week.

One of the posts, entitled “Weston Super Mud - Don't Go There”, went viral, racking up nearly 100,000 views and thousands of likes.

In it, he talks about the thick muddy sand on the beach, saying: "I didn’t expect the mud was going to come up to my knees - my crocs got completely obliterated so I had to take them off and had to go in my toes.”


Alexander said his friends, including Cleopatra Harvey, 24, Alliyah Shearer, 22 and Shanae Williams, 15, were determined to go for a dip in the sea.

However, when they started their pilgrimage, they realised they weren't fully prepared.

He said: "The people who were at the beach looked like 15 ants because that’s how far away they were.

"I thought those are the troopers because they made it all the way there, they made it.


"I don’t even think I made it a quarter of the way there."

Alexander's mum is from Wolverhampton and moved to Miami, where he then grew up.

But he then moved back to the UK to study International Business Management at Wolverhampton University.

The student said: "I'm from Miami so I've been getting some flack in the comments saying I should've checked the tide, I didn’t know water could go away!

"I don’t know who checked when I was a kid I’ve never shown up to the beach and the water was four miles away - from now on I’ll be checking the tide."

The group also visited the fair on the promenade and went on some of the rides.

The Wolverhampton-based influencer said: "I looked at the beach upside down from the air and felt closer to the water - that was pretty cool."

In one video, he added: "The thing about these little rollercoasters is you feel like you’re going to die the entire time because you might just fall off."


Alexander, who has over 116,000 followers on social media, also shared his surprise at people sunbathing on a beach where the sea is so far away.

He added: "The fact that people actually didn’t go to the beach to go swimming and just to lay in the sun I thought that was crazy, how do you cool off? It's literally like an oven and you go out there just to bake.”

It comes as Brits have been flocking to the coast as lockdown restrictions prevent people from travelling for summer holidays abroad.

According to a study conducted by Day Out With the Kids in 2019, Weston-upon-Mare came 11th in the list of top beaches in the UK.

The survey found that Bournemouth was the nation’s favourite beach followed by Brighton.

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