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At first glance Tenerife seems like it has been colonized by British and German tourists, and demographically speaking, they have. English breakfast and German sausages are more ubiquitous than authentic island food will ever be. But this popular Canary Island does still have hints of Spanish culture, and it’s a matter of getting away from throbbing tourist spot like Santa Cruz de Tenerife and exploring its quieter towns and parks. 

If you’re adventurous you might begin by hiking or taking a cable lift up El Teide, which happens to be the highest mountain in Spain. If you rent a car, take the scenic mountain roads to charming village of Masca and hike down the mountain to its stunning little harbour. 

Though sometimes crowded with tourists, Loro Parque Zoo should high on your list, if any other reason than to see some of the 3,000 species of exotic parrots. 

Of course, water sports are important here, and even in the winter the sea is still warm and perfect for canoeing, wind-surfing and snorkeling. Have lunch at La Hoya del Camello in the old capital and UNESCO Heritage Sight of La Laguna, and visit the botanical garden near Puerto de la Cruz. 

Come in February for the popular Carnival celebrations and return home with some beads and a tan.

Tenerife Travel Tips

  1. Tenerife’s bar scene and nightlife is wild and worth exploring. Loud disco and house music can be found at Joy; and Bolina Beach is a good chill out spot for dancing with a fruity drink beneath the sunset. Or if you’re not up for all night bonanzas, try the Centro Cultural, especially during the summer when there are many good outdoor concerts and movies.
  2. Whether you’re an animal lover or simply want to do something else besides sunbathe, drink and eat; a visit to the Loro Parque is a happy delightful distraction. The park is home to more than 3,000 parrots and other beautiful animals like tigers, dolphins and whales. There is a free train that leaves from town and it is a great place to bring children to see the park’s weekly dolphin and whale shows.
  3. A good time to visit Tenerife is during Carnival. Festival dates vary each year depending when Lent celebrations begin, but once the festivities begin, typically in mid-february, they last three weeks near the Recinto Ferial or the Plaza España. DJs and parties rage all hours. Be sure to book hotel rooms and restaurant well ahead as the Tenerife carnivals rival those in Rio de Janeiro.
  4. One morning before hitting the beach, visit the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África and stock up of freshly baked rolls, local cheeses and cured meats, mangos and tons of other tropical fruit. The market is romantic to visits in the morning, with all the flower sellers and markets stalls buzzing with activity.
  5. Because it’s one of the Canary Island’s most popular holiday destinations there are dozens of hotels to choose from. The best luxury come down to the Europe Villa Cortes and the Iberostar Hotel Mencey, both favored for their fabulous pools, five-star restaurants. Hotel La Quinta Park Suites are not as grand, but they are more geared toward families and conveniently located near Garcia Sanabria and La Granja Parks.

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