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Some call New York the chameleon of American cities for its capricious tendencies. As one posh eaterie closes, another opens. Outlier boroughs like Brooklyn are vibrant centres of arts, music, food and fashion, while northern Manhattan neighbourhoods impress with their history, jazz roots and majestic red brick townhouses. 

Go anytime of the year and there is something extraordinary happening, like the Tribeca Film Festival and spring and autumn fashion weeks. 

In September, the uptown Metropolitan Museum and downtown Chelsea art galleries buzz with life once more as New Yorkers return to the city invigorated from their summer holidays. New clothing boutiques spring up almost weekly in the narrow streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Rockefeller Center in December, with its Christmas tree, ice skating rink and busy commuters carrying packages, is one of the most charming times to visit, though summer never disappoints, especially along the Hudson River with white sangria at the city’s waterfront hot spot, the Frying Pan. 

New York City is a leading urban centre in park design, with green spaces like the reclaimed High Line Park where children play and dog walkers roam. Central park continues to inspire locals and visitors, and is a great place to relax after a shopping spree or a museum tour along 5th Avenue.

New York Travel Tips

  1. The High Line Park attracts New Yorkers in droves to catch bird’s eye glimpses of the city below. Avoid the High Line on weekends as it is too crowded to enjoy. Weekday mornings are the best time to explore, but stop first at Murray’s Bagels on 8th Avenue and enjoy breakfast on the High Line.
  2. To get a sense of the green expanses and quirky creative culture in Brooklyn stop in at the Saturday Brooklyn Flea, a market devoted to antiques, used clothing, crafts and best of all, food. Ethnic foods are king here. Look out for the El Salvadorian food stall and order the homemade pupusas.
  3. There is not enough time or money to sample every flavour of New York's notorious restaurant scene. Which is why you ought to book a table at The Standard Grill between the Meat Packing District and the West Village. Breakfasts here are divine, and it’s moderately quiet at lunchtime. Dinner is crowded and often hard to find a table. Booking in advance is advised.
  4. Certain times of the year, like Fashion Week or during the US Open, are more difficult than others to find an affordable, family-friendly hotel in Manhattan. For great location, spectacular design and reasonable prices check out Ink48 and the Ace Hotel. Or book a room at the Hotel Americano, with its cool industrial-style facade and location inside a former car park.
  5. Cycling in New York can be faster and cheaper, with hotspots like Central, Riverside and Prospect park best for hitting the city on two wheels. There are bike paths along the Hudson and East Rivers, and on many bridges. It’s a great way to tour around New York, especially in summer months when the unreliable subway lines are hot and suffocating.

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