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For some, drug tourism is the only motivation for visiting Amsterdam. Marijuana and other normally prohibited substances are legal here, and there are many cafés and bars peddling their products day and night. But Amsterdam is much more than just its red light district and pot bars. 

Historically, Amsterdam was one of the largest shipping and mercantile cities in the world, and you can retrace all of its golden age grandeur at places like the Canal House Museum

It’s a city packed with informative and entertaining tours by bike or boat, (it's a city of canals), and there are dozens of monumental and obscure museums to visit. Begin at the Rijksmuseum for a good grasp of Dutch Renaissance and religious art and work your way to the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House

On the obscure end are museums dedicated to tulips, the Museum of Coffee and Tea and even the Museum of Bags and Purses. If you want to see them all look for The Museumkaart, a €39.95 that gains you access to every museum in the city for one year. 

At lunch or in the evening check out Rembrandtplein Square, a tourist haven packed with pubs and restaurants. Here you can find Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and a host of other international eateries to choose from.

Amsterdam Travel Tips

  1. Amsterdam’s canal cruises are a good way to get around town and hear informative sound bites about the famous trade city. The Canal Bus is cheap, stops in 14 places near major museums around the city, and you can get on and off at any point all day long.
  2. For accommodation check out the suites at the concept hotel, Miauw. Set in two historical Dutch buildings, Miauw is more of an experiment than a hotel, with evolving pop up shops on the first floors that sell furniture, clothes and art. The best self catering accommodation in Amsterdam, houses and flats, is found at
  3. The design scene in Amsterdam is dynamic and always expanding. When you’re in the city spend a few hours checking out the new and notorious designers, like Frozen Fountain for art, fabrics and furniture; or Store Without a Home for women’s clothing and accessories. Restored is another great shop for handmade bags and jewellery.
  4. For great deals and ease of travel consider purchasing an ‘I Am Amsterdam’ City Card. The card allows unlimited access to public transportation, entrance into most of the city’s best museums, and discounts at restaurants and bars. The service also has an iPhone app detailing where and for how long the card is valid.
  5. Many Amsterdam locals tend to cycle everywhere in the city. It’s by far the best and greenest way to see the sights, and there are a good handful of bike rental places all reasonably priced. Mac Bike has the largest selection, also check out Bike CityStar BikesMike's Bikes all within the city.

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