How to say hello and goodbye around the world

Conquer the most basic words of 39 languages with this handy guide

group of smiling friends sitting on city street

Have you ever jetted off somewhere new on holiday only to get there and realise that you don't even know one word of the language?

You wouldn't be the only one as most of us have done it. But just a few minutes of preparation before you leave could really help you out.

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Even if you only know a couple of basic words, it's likely that you'll win over the locals a lot quicker if they can see you're trying. Thankfully, our friends at JetCost are here to help you out.

They've put together a handy infographic that will help you conquer the basics of 39 languages from around the world.

Take a look at the image below to get memorising...

How to say hello and goodbye in 39 languages

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