These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

The destinations with increasing popularity and decreasing flight prices (you're welcome)


These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Never mind Christmas, are you more concerned about planning your 2018 getaway? Yep, we hear you. Well, these are the holiday hotspots that are increasing in popularity but decreasing in flight price.

The travel experts at Skyscanner have released their predictions for the top places to watch out for in 2018.

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Hayley Shearer, Growth Manager at Skyscanner, said: "Using our comprehensive flight database we can detect the destinations which are gaining in popularity and decreasing in flight price, looking at those factors as well as what is happening in destinations has helped us compile a list of must see destinations for 2018.

"As we head into January, our busiest month for flight bookings, we wanted to share these insights and help inspire travellers to try something new".

So, from Zambia, to the Seychelles and even Bristol (yup), these are the destinations that should be on your radar for 2018.

These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Agadir, Morocco
44% increase in popularity
11% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £193.16

With 300 sunny days a year, what's not to love about Agadir. What's more, Air Arabia recently announced a new route from Manchester Airport to Agadir starting in October 2017, making it even more accessible than ever. With average flight prices down 11% YoY this family destination is likely to become even more popular. The laidback approach in Agadir can take you from relaxing on the beach to a camel, to checking out the Suq al-Had market or walking to the ruins of the Agadir Kasbah for breathtaking city views. Flights from £53 return.

These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Victoria Falls, Zambia
48% increase in popularity
16% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £848.63

Flights to Victoria Falls, home to one of the natural wonders of the world, have increase by 48% over the last 12 months. And 2018 could see more of us flock to one of the seven wonders, with rumours that it could be a honeymoon destination for Harry and Meghan (according to Lonely Planet) - the royal couple-to-be visited Victoria Falls in Zambia during their three-week stay in Africa. Flights from £460 return.

These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Victoria, Seychelles
7% increase in popularity
2% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £686.24

Whilst this destination hasn't increased as much as others in the popularity stakes, thanks to British Airways this iconic Indian Ocean destination is going to become even more accessible next year as the airline is launching direct flights from Gatwick to the Seychelles in early 2018. More competition between airlines often leads to better deals so whilst Four Season and Six Senses openings in 2018 are upping the luxury bar you could start to see some great flight deals to be. Flights from £432 return.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
67% increase in popularity
17% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £129.17

With its burgeoning arts scene that is unrivalled anywhere else in the country and it's authentic off the beaten track feel it's no wonder more travellers are wanting to discover the delights of Romania's second largest city. Over the last 12 months there has been a staggering 67% increase in flights (the largest increase of our trending destinations) and with average fares dropping by 17%, 2018 could see even more city breakers venturing to Dracula region. One of the reasons travellers visit Cluj is Transylvania, the region which Cluj is situated. However, there is so much more to the city than Dracula. Cluj has a lively bohemian feel, with plenty of cafés, bistros, and restaurants based in the city's old centre. Cluj is also home to the Transylvania Film Festival (25th May – 3rd June), which showcases both Romanian and international productions in a variety of theatres and open-air spots throughout the city (and don't worry, it's more than just horror films). Flights from £36 return.

Dubrovnik, Dalmatian Coast, These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia
20% increase in popularity
14% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £180.41

With top-notch restaurants, two new five-star hotel openings, famous filming locations and island tours available just off the coast, it's not hard to see why Dubrovnik is growing in popularity. This is a must visit location in 2018 for any James Bond fans as filming is due to take place in January. Ornate arches, baroque splendour and ancient medieval lanes makes walking around the old town like stepping into a historical drama. Beyond the walls of Dubrovnik lie some of the Adriatic's most beautiful beaches, woodland and island scattered seas. Flights from £66 return.

These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Hartford, Connecticut
79% increase in popularity
29% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £485.25

Whilst it might not be an immediate destination that springs to mind when considering a visit to the US, for those travellers looking for a location to see the delights of Connecticut's famed fall foliage season, Hartford is certainly an emerging destination that is worth considering. Over the last 12 months, Skyscanner has seen a 79% increase in flight traffic and with average flight prices down 29%, there is even more reason to consider a break from the norm and discover Hartford. As well as the breath-taking autumn fall season, Hartford also has a new 'billion-dollar' district full of great entertainment, hotels and a new state of the art science museum. Plus, it has also recently undergone vast upgrades to its key attractions and hotels. Norwegian Air has also made the city more accessible launching a new route from Edinburgh in June this year. Flights from £200 return.

These are the rising holiday hotspots for 2018

Almeria, Spain
21% increase in popularity
8% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £139.05

Whilst Almeria has seen an increase of 21% in popularity this year, this relatively undiscovered corner of Andalucía will become more accessible with British Airway's new direct flights from Heathrow from 24 March 2018. Almeria is home to great boutiques, lovely beaches and a fantastic nature reserve. This is also a must visit destination for any Game of Thrones fans - the golden colours of the dry land of Almeria were used during the shooting of season six. Flights from £200 return.

Koahsiung Taiwan

Koahsiung, Taiwan
29% increase in popularity
6% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £661.40

One of Asia's hidden gems, Kaohsiung has been growing in popularity (29%) and we expect this will continue well into 2018. From the city's fascinating night markets, which brings together food, shopping and people, to the culture hub, with its vast art centre and music complex, Kaohsiung offers something for everyone. For hikers there are the views from the new 88m Eye of the Mountain' skywalk and for those looking for a touch of the beach life there are two swimming beaches within the city area. With flight prices down 6%, shaving £93.78 off the average flight price for a couple, Koahsiung is more affordable than travellers might think. Flights from £412 return.

Bristol harbourside autumn

Bristol, UK
26% increase in popularity
7% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £88.47

With the pound declining and staycations on the rise, Bristol, a hub of culture and creativity, could be just the place. The city was voted the UK's best place to live in 2017 for the third time in four years. Whether it's the murals left behind by the city's most mischievous street artist Banksy that attracts visitors or the great nightlife and food scene, Bristol certainly packs it all in and is a great location for weekend breaks. And with return flights from as little as £43 return from various UK airports, there is even more reason to visit this English gem.

Albi in Southwestern France. Albi is a world heritage UNESCO site. View of the Tarn River and the Cathedral Saint Cecile.

Toulouse, France
51% increase in popularity
40% drop in Average Flight Prices
Average Flight Price: £92.65

With average flight prices dropping by a staggering 40%, saving a couple over £120, Toulouse is a great value location for 2018. Toulouse, whilst a relatively big city has a small historical centre allowing you to walk to all the most beautiful sights and attractions in comfort. For the ideal, stress-free weekend break, take your time exploring the churches of the old town, the monasteries and museums of modern to Egyptian arts. When the outdoors calls, stroll along the Canal du Midi or along the Garonne River from the St Pierre Bridge. Flights from £9 return.

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