21 weird travel facts you probably didn't know

Where's the biggest hotel in the world? Or the highest capital in Europe? Find out below...


Parrot fish

Thinking about your next holiday, relaxing on a beach in a far-flung destination?

When you're luxuriating on that white-sand beach in the Caribbean, have you ever thought about exactly what it is you're lying on? Like us, you might have thought this sand was just crushed up seashells and pebbles. But not so, apparently. A large fraction of the sand on white beaches is actually made up of parrotfish poo. Yup.

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Or maybe you're more of a bright lights city break person? Even the most avid Las Vegas-lover couldn't ever sleep in every hotel in Sin City - it would take 400 years to do that.

If you've visited Paris it's likely you enjoyed a trip up the Eiffel Tower lifts to soak in the views over the city. But did you know that the iconic landmark's lifts travel a combined 64,000 miles a year?

22 travel facts you probably didn't know

And, over in Morocco, did you know there's a village where goats regularly climb trees to eat the argan berries? It's certainly a strange sight...

22 travel facts you probably didn't know

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21 travel facts you probably didn't know

21 travel facts you probably didn't know