Restaurant with robot waiters opens in India

Customers at the eatery say the robots are "very interactive"


At the Robot Theme Restaurant in southern India, a team of rolling robots will bring your food and drinks right to your table. They'll even take away the dirty dishes.

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The restaurant's co-founder Karthik Kannan told Reuters: "We tried out different theme restaurant designs and all that. Later on, we finally decided that we could do something different which is not there in India.

"That is when we decided on the robot theme restaurant where we could bring robots to actually bring the food. I have seen these in a lot of abroad countries. So that is when we decided okay, let's, why not bring it to India."

Customers at the eatery use tablets at the table to order their food and when their meals are ready, they are served by the robots.

Diner Rooper said: "It is very quick and they are very interactive and we are enjoying along with the robots."

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