How many countries have you visited?

'Click' countries off the scratch map and compare your travels to the Queen and David Attenborough

How many countries have I visited?

Wanderlust is something that grabs us all but how does your travel footprint compare with world-famous travellers such as the Queen or the Pope?

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If you've ever wondered how many countries you've already visited, TravelSupermarket's interactive scratch map will allow you to 'click' off the places you've visited on a world map, generating your very own bespoke map which outlines your travel movements throughout your life.

Have you travelled extensively around Europe? Ever stepped foot on the white continent of Antarctica? Or managed to tick most of Asia off your holiday bucket list? Well, you'll want to know just how much of the world you've really visited.

The map shows you the percentage of every continent you've travelled to, before you can select a high-profile globetrotter, such as David Attenborough or Bear Grylls, to compare their travels with your own.

So what are you waiting for? Have a go at the scratch map and take our poll to tell us how well-travelled you are...

Europe's least visited countries

Europe's least visited countries