Family of goats jump over gap on mountain

This group of people was hiking on the Montserrat mountain in Catalonia, Spain, when they spotted a family of mountain goats walking together.

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The goats come across a large gap in their path and you may think that would be the end of that journey and they'd have to do a U-turn.

But the animals are hardier than that, apparently. One by one, the goats jumped over the large gap on the mountain and continued travelling across the mountainside. That's determination for you.

Montserrat Mountain was declared a natural park in 1987 by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

It is located to the right of the Llobregat River, in between the Plain of Bages (called Pla de Bages) and the coast. It sits amongst a mountain range known as the pre-coastal mountain range and its peak can be seen jutting out from the range.

Montserrat's highest peak is called St. Jerome and it sits 1236 metres above sea level.