Baby elephant charges crocodiles in Zimbabwe national park

This remarkable video shows a young elephant charging at crocodiles at a national park in Zimbabwe.

In the video, filmed in September 2013 at a watering hole in Hwange National Park, a group of elephants arrive to bathe and drink.

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But a baby elephant has peeled away from the group while some crocodiles wait, poised by the water.

The baby elephant then charges at the two crocodiles and they quickly lurch into the water.

"That little one's got some balls!" says the filmer in the clip.

"That was so cool!" another voice can be heard saying.

The filmer later wrote online: "One of the babies of the group decided to go over to something on the other side of the water.

"The adults continue to walk around the water not knowing the baby had peeled away. As the baby gets closer it's apparent there are two crocodiles, who begin to move towards the baby.

"Two of the bulls of the group see this happening and start screaming and charge towards the crocs. Just as the baby starts running to the crocodile the bulls get there and usher the crocs into the water."