The tricks to ensure your suitcase comes out first on the airport carousel

Give your luggage the best chance of coming out first!


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We've all felt the frustration of waiting for our luggage at the airportbaggage claim.

Your flight is probably already running late, the plane took too long to clear after landing and you're trying to make the train or bus to get home.

Maybe you try and do carry on luggage and not bother with checking in a baggage, all in a bid to avoid the dreaded wait at the carousel.

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But what if you could rig the apparent pot luck of the baggage carousel?

What if you could give your luggage the best chance of coming out first?

Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp/gate agent at a US airport, has revealed the answer for time conscious travellers.

But he reveals that there may be a price to pay for your quick baggage pick up.

In a discussion on Quora , Scuito initially recommended to be one of the last passengers to check their bags, ensuring they are last on the cart, last on the plane, but first off at your destination.

But he then revealed another sneaky trick.

He explains: "The best way to ensure your bag gets to you the quickest is to ask the counter agent very nicely if they will let you gate check your bag.

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Dramatic security breach at international airport as man dives onto luggage belt before being chased on the tarmac

"The downside of that method is that you will not be able to pack liquids or any other items that cannot go in a carry-on bag as you will need to bring the bag with you through the security checkpoint and to the gate.

"Also remember to be nice to your counter agents and gate agents!

"The friendlier you are the more likely you will get what you want.

"Chances are the agent has already been yelled at multiple times for things they can't control, so they will go out of their way to help someone who is nice!"

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