UK set for 'snowiest winter for 27 years'

UK set for 'snowiest winter for 27 years'
UK set for 'snowiest winter for 27 years'

The UK is set for the snowiest winter in 27 years - according to an amateur climatologist who claims he can predict the weather months in advance.

David King, 78, says that snow will hit in January and freezing conditions will continue until March.

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Mr King, a retired Metropolitan Police constable, uses a 1000-year-old moon chart and studies plants, birds, and animal behaviour to forecast the weather.

He said there will be "no snow of any consequence" before Christmas, but that things will change in January.

According to the Standard, he said: "The start of the New Year will be a different ball game. It is going to be very cold, there will be a lot of snow and there will be travel problems. In the south it will get down to -5C.

"It will be the worst snow since 1991."

A little dubious? Well, Mr King says he's been forecasting the weather for the last 40 years, and even advises farmers and others whose professions rely on the weather.

According to the Daily Star, he added: "The predominant feature for January is cold, blizzards to start the month then frost which will freeze the snow, followed by more snow with another freezing session of ice. Finally more frost to end the month.

"Two full moons in the month too, never a good sign, always indicates a wet month – in this case the wet falling as snow.

"Sadly the conditions do not improve at all in February and although March is the first month of the meteorological spring, [there will be] some most un-spring like weather, with frost and snow for the first two moons."

However, the Met Office dismissed the prediction as "not scientific" and added: "There's every likelihood we will see some snow in January and it will be cold at times – but that's winter for you."

And how is the rest of November looking weather-wise? The Met Office says early this week will be unsettled with periods of rain and strong winds, and snow across the Scottish Hills. It will be "particularly windy later on Wednesday and Thursday, with gales possible in many places."

The prediction until 2 December reads: "Thursday will probably be wet and windy for most, with heavy rain, gales and hill snow in Scotland.

It is likely to be mild in the south, but rather cold in the north. On Friday and over next weekend, wet and windy weather will predominate, especially for central and southern areas, and temperatures will be mainly above average here.

"There will be some drier, brighter, or perhaps showery weather too. Further north it will probably be drier and brighter generally but cold at times.

Towards the end of the month confidence becomes low, but it looks likely that the mixed weather conditions may settle down, with a period of drier, brighter, colder conditions possible by the start of December, though this could be interrupted by a few showers."